Distinct Executive fulfills crucial HR director recruitment services across all sectors. Our specialists work exclusively with you to understand your needs, from core values to long-term goals, and connect you with prospective candidates. This in-depth approach removes the pain points of hiring for executive roles and ensures you get the right fit, the first time around.

HR directors and other leadership positions play an important role in the success of every organisation. HR takes business strategy and intangible human elements to create a culture, ethos, and drive that develops your business. We work closely with organisations to help you find key HR personnel by understanding your needs and advising on hiring strategies.

This covers several aspects including competitive compensation, longer-term wealth creation opportunities, and support for accelerated growth.

Our specialist HR director recruitment pairs organisations, from a wide range of sectors, with like-minded candidates who understand your culture ethos, and passion. We use a defined match-making approach to line up your long-term goals and match them with individuals capable of taking your business to the next level.

This personalised approach allows you to hire top talent quickly and efficiently without wasting precious time and resources.


With offices in major hubs such as Nottingham and Milton Keynes, we have created a network of connections with industry leaders and prominent businesses. Using traditional and digital means, our network gives us access to a wide pool of leadership talent capable of taking your business to the next level.

Distinct's HR executive recruitment services also support the bedding-in process we provide in partnership with The Hanover centre, expert coaching to individuals, teams, and organisations. This service is available as a one-off or retained solution included in our fee structure and includes a bespoke 6-month coaching plan to support clients and candidates in the first 100 days. This approach shows how committed we are to finding the right fit for your organisation and working with you from pre-hire to post-hire and to guide and support continued success.

Contact us now and we'll get your HR executive recruitment right the first time. As a specialist HR director and executive recruitment agency, we understand the requirements of key appointments and provide agile solutions to fit exacting standards and unique needs. This service is available as a one-off or an ongoing retainer solution.