We work with organisations and businesses to fulfill leadership and CFO executive searches within accountancy and financial services. Our experienced team goes to great lengths to understand your ethos, direction, and needs to drive well-researched CFO recruitment in London, Nottingham, and the rest of the country.

Organisations need individuals who add value, create winning strategies and influence the culture of the business as a whole. We have spent over a decade learning about the needs of business leaders and how to bring them together with leading organisations. Executive recruitment, and CFO recruitment, in particular, require a personalised approach to help find the right candidate for each role. Our CFO executive search firm team enables you to hire the talent needed to take your business to the next level.

The accountancy and finance team at Distinct Executive uses a wealth of tools to source and inspect potential candidates to ensure they meet your exacting standards.

We use good old-fashioned networking as well as digital tools like LinkedIn recruiter, Odro, psychometric assessments, and a dedicated Search and Selection service.

These services are available as a one-off or as a retained service for all our hiring needs.

With these tools in place; our specialists use your objectives, culture, and core values to find the appropriate C-suite candidates for a wide range of roles including accountancy, executive leadership (CFOs and similar), investment specialists, corporate development leaders, and more.


The "Distinct Difference" of coaching, knowledge, in-depth qualifying, and identifying key values provide a simple, yet robust solution to the problems burgeoning accountancy and finance businesses face.

Our offices in Nottingham and Milton Keynes provide ample CFO recruitment options for a wide range of financial service businesses. Whether working with FTSE 100 companies, private equity, non-profit, or SMEs, we tailor our CFO executive search to provide a service far superior to other firms. This dedication to our clients ensures we help place the next generation of financial leaders to ensure growth and development for successful candidates and organisations.

Contact us now and we'll get your executive recruitment right the first time. As a specialist CFO executive search firm, we understand the requirements of key executive appointments and provide agile solutions to fit exacting standards and unique needs.