Are you looking for your next step? Have you mastered marketing, led your team to memorable wins, or collected a clutch of awards along the way? If so, we're here to help match you with the right organisation and role. Our dedicated team of specialist marketing recruiters work with you on a one-to-one basis to understand your personal and professional goals and match you with a company and role in which you can thrive.

At Distinct Executive, we work meticulously to find and fill executive positions such as marketing director jobs, CDO (Chief Digital Officer) positions, and other senior marketing, digital and analytical roles.

These positions are highly sought after with the right candidates capable of taking an organisation to the next level.

Our specialist recruitment team understand the rigors of executive roles and we're constantly on the lookout for talented marketing directors with experience leading teams, a proven track record of success, and a drive to develop their personal and professional growth.



Our matchmaking service is completely bespoke to your needs and the needs of our clients. We take into account various factors such as supporting candidates with accelerated growth and training (especially in the first 100 days), securing contractual benefits such as investment & M&A opportunities, and developing longer-term wealth creation strategies.

Distinct Executive also takes the time to understand the intangibles: your drives, interests, and ethos to better match you with like-minded organisations. Whether you're looking for a marketing director job in London, Oxford, the Midlands, or anywhere else in the country, we provide you with the brightest prospects for your professional development.


As with any executive role search marketing directors, CMOs, CDOs, CCOs, and others are often carried out discreetly with a huge emphasis on getting it right the first time. We ensure candidates are the perfect fit for the role required by carrying out an array of meetings and interviews.

These include but are not limited to psychometric assessments, talent competitor analysis, and extensive headhunting. This in-depth approach gives organisations, and their new execs, the confidence to hit the ground running with a shared vision and understanding of the direction of their business.

We work with individuals to find marketing director jobs and executive digital jobs across the country in major centers such as London and Nottingham, as well as scouring regions such as the Midlands. Some of the roles we regularly find placements for include:



Campaign managers


Emerging markets
Interim executive roles


Digital leadership positions


Marketing directors

Register with us today and we'll help you develop your career with exciting marketing, digital, and analytical job prospects. Our experienced team is well-versed in connecting like-minded individuals and organisations to create professional relationships that enact positive change. Contact us below and we'll start you on your journey to success.