Distinct Executive are experts in the executive job search field with our specialist teams regularly filling key CEO jobs and other executive jobs in and around London, the Midlands, and Milton Keynes. We work diligently to get to know our candidates' motivations and goals and find a fit that develops personal and professional growth.

Our in-depth process combines research, networking, and assessment to create well-rounded job descriptions and placements. This ensures that candidates and clients are matched to a tee from competitive remuneration to long-term goals and outcomes. This high degree of insight allows you to feel confident in your new MD or CEO job with a focus on your personal and professional development.

Whether you are looking for your first executive career or are an experienced MD looking for a new venture, we place candidates with organisations across several sectors from developing SMEs to leading publicly traded companies. We have a wealth of experience working with both candidates and clients and streamline the process by investing in research and assessment at the front to reduce meeting times and ensure you only interview for positions that drive shared success.

We also consider soft skills and personal traits like ethos and motivations. These factors are important to individuals and organisations as they ensure everyone is on the right page.

We consider our candidates' beliefs and match them with organisations with similar outlooks to guarantee a smooth transition. We also look to secure your long-term future with benefits such as investment and M&A opportunities, and other longer-term wealth creation strategies.

However, our support doesn't stop there with our dedicated 6-month coaching programme to assist you in your first 100 days. This service, provided in partnership with The Hanover Centre, supports accelerated learning with expert coaching on a personal and organisational level to help you and your company achieve the best results.


Our offices in Nottingham and Milton Keynes provide the base from which we cast a wide net to find chief executive jobs and opportunities. Our specialised teams work with you, on a 1-2-1 basis, and serve as mediators and guides in your hunt for the next big step.

Some of the roles we regularly find placements for include:

Stakeholder positions
Executive board roles
Interim Leadership roles


Managing Directors


Chief Executives
C-Suite positions

Register with us today and we'll help you develop your career by carrying out in-depth executive job searches and placements. Our specialist team is ready to work with motivated individuals to find CEO jobs and other executive jobs in the UK. Contact us below and we'll start you on your journey to success.